Val d'Evre, traiteur

THE Event Caterer

The history of Val d'Evre catering is first one of a family. Started in 1948 and the history is today being perpetuated by the duo of Managing Directors, Maryline and Yannick BITEAU, grand children of the founder.
Both are passionate about what they do and created a team at their image, where talents coordinate to ensure service to the customer. Our absolute priority : customer satisfaction.

«Vocation is the huge opportunity to make your passion your job ».

Quote of Bleustein Blanchet

For 40 or 4 000 guests around the table, we create unique and exceptional meals with the same quality commitment for each of our customers. From the selection of food type and menues to the ambiance or theme , simply tell us your wishes, we will tailor your event to your requirements.