Val d'Evre, traiteur


l'exigence de la maison
 Val D'Evre carries all the excellence that you would find in a gastronomic restaurant into the universe of on-site catering… This is a complex mission underlining our commitment to excellence.
It all starts with our passion for a creative, refined and tasteful cuisine. Faithful to the french gastronomy traditions, Le Val D'Evre offers a cuisine with an elegant touch of creativity, with the will to finalize all the preparations on site. The sauces and cooking processes are done on site at the last moment for a perfect result and taste
The products that we use are issued from respectuous know how and are carefully selected primarily for their taste qualities. Nothing in the plate is a decoration, vegetables have a real place in the plate and all ingredients are prepared separately and then gathered in the plate. The most important is to have a balanced dish.